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Our history

  • 1933

    Vitrohm Elektroteknisk Fabrik is founded in Denmark

  • 1954

    Deutsche Vitrohm GmbH is founded in Germany

  • 1960

    The factory in Pinneberg/Holstein in Germany is built

  • 1971

    Vitrohm is founded in Portugal

  • 1977

    Expansion of Vitrohm facilities in Portugal

  • 1994

    Vitrohm is a quality certified company

  • 1996

    Vitrohm is acquired by Yageo Corporation, Taiwan

  • 2004

    Vitrohm became an independent business unit within the Yageo Group

  • 2006

    Vitrohm Holding GmbH and Yageo Europe GmbH in Germany merged as Vitrohm Holding GmbH

  • 2014

    Vitrohm invests in innovation and new approaches