For Vitrohm, people are its primary resource and a continuous success of the company depends on the involvement, determination and professionalism of all employees.

Our main goals are:

  • Hire high professionalism employees according to a rigorous and objective selection;
  • Treat all employees fairly, without discrimination of any kind (sex, religion, opinion, nationality, race,…), providing a work environment that promotes team work, assures mutual respect and, when appropriate, provide individual attention;
  • Promote continuous and planned trainings for all employees in relevant areas for the company which are integrated on Vitrohm’s needs and possibilities.

Vitrohm ensures good working conditions to all employees, in a safe and healthy environment and has flexibility policies to allow better work-life balance. The company provides flexible working conditions whenever possible. In parallel, managers are responsible for safety and health conditions within their sector and are encouraged to develop their skills in this area.

Vitrohm’s commitment, however, goes beyond its own employees. The company is concerned about all contracted people who work inside or outside its facilities, including partners. They should also take appropriate work measures. Vitrohm believes that all these conditions are essential to build long term relationships based on trust and respect for all employees.
Managers are committed to build and maintain a mutual trust environment with their teams. On the other hand, Human Resources value the dialogue and ensure that employees’ voices are heard.