Product Overview

vitrohm safety resistorsSafety Resistors
Resistors that ensure safe
and silent fusing operation
in overload conditions

Vitrohm precision resistorsPrecision Resistors
Resistors that ensure high
accuracy, stability and
high-precision when

Vitrohm pulse resistorsPulse Resistors
Resistors that protect the
application against high
surge pulses from inrushing

Vitrohm fusible resistorsFusible Resistors
Resistors that are designed
to open without flames
when overloaded

Vitrohm general purpose resistorsGeneral Purpose Resistors
Resistors used in circuits with
a low cost , a good
performance and a high
component reliability

Vitrohm high voltage resistorsHigh Voltage Resistors
Resistors for rated voltages
up to 14KV and with high
resistance values suited for
stabilization of focusing voltages

Vitrohm shunt resistorsShunt Resistors
Resistors used on specific
applications where the current
flow need to be measured
or detected
Vitrohm power resistorsPower Resistors
Resistors used where a high
power handling and dissipation
is required

Vitrohm jumper resistorsJumper Resistors
Resistors used as dummy or
as jumper for not placed resistors
yet on the PCB Board