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Vitrohm main objective is to guarantee a high level products and services quality to satisfy its clients’ needs and maintain them fully satisfied.
To achieve this goal, Vitrohm defined and implemented a Quality Policy to assure that all organizational, sales and technical activities that influence product quality are strategically planned, supervised and evaluated to meet the contractual client’s demands.


Vitrohm aims to permanently improve its products and services quality through its knowledge and technical know-how. Every department and every section, from top management to production and expedition, are committed to achieve this goal and maintain the high quality standards which Vitrohm is well known and recognized in the market.


Vitrohm is a quality certified company in conformance with the Standard ISO 9001:2015 since 1994. The implementation of a quality management system and its certification is a benefit for the company. This process is a management tool that provides the continuous improvement of the company's performance by implementing internal procedures to satisfy our client's need, to motivate our employees, to improve the performance of our operational processes, among others.

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Vitrohm Certificate ISO9001:2015


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