CRF Series

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Wirewound - Coated


  • Industrial
  • Home Appliances
  • Power Supply
  • Alternative Energy
  • Lighting
  • Charger

Data sheet CRF Series PDF - 550.98KB


CRF110 to CRF500
Historical Types
CRF251-4/8 to CRF257-4/8
Resistance Range
1R up to 470R
Rated Power
1,1W to 5W
Precision type, "Z" pre-forming, Other pre-forming available,
High pulse load up to 6[KV], 240[V] fusing application

TECHnical Drawings

Dimensions [mm]

CRF Series Dimensions

Alternative Lead Configurations

CRF Series Versions

*For horizontal and vertical pre-forming please consult your local sales contact.

Available Types