The Company

Since 1933, electrical resistance has a name: VITROHM.

Vitrohm Facilities

A long company history is not a merit by itself. It is a proof for long-term efficiency and adaptability. Our past was tailored by persons, whose heritage we are indebted to, without being traditionalists. Our future we must fashion ourselves and we want to do that mainly in Europe, without neglecting but strongly integrating our customers and partners outside the European continent, and not losing sight of global markets, opportunities and new customers.
For this we need economic success, but more than that, successful customers. It is our goal to let our clients and partners have a choice. 

In our understanding, there are no good or bad resistors, only right or wrong ones. Using the experience of the past, the present expertise and knowledge of the future technical demand, we claim to offer reliable and correct solutions to our customers.


We always think and act with our customers in mind being ready to adapt to future trends and needs. Being flexible means to be open-minded and apply to our customers’ needs.

Cultivate a “Culture of trust and innovation”, where employees feel comfortable coming forward with an idea, developing a team-oriented approach towards improving products, services and processes, to increase chances of igniting an innovative spark.

We aim to contribute to the success of our customers and grow together as their valued and trusted partner. It is important, therefore, that we always take a customer-centric approach in all our business activities, including product development, customer service and sales activities. This means always thinking of ways to contribute to their business activities.

Collaborate with our stakeholders for better results and focus on activities that create value for the company to deliver the best solutions with appropriate costs, speed and quality.

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